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Wise Choice Generation 3

USBA Wise Choice Generation 3℠ Group Blended  … a whole new way to look at life insurance.

Note: This plan is not currently available in New York.

First there was term life insurance, then came whole life. Now there’s Generation 3 … combining the best of both term and whole life insurance. Generation 3 is a combination policy blending whole life, decreasing term, and paid-up additional insurance. It gives you level coverage (the benefit amount doesn’t decrease), with premiums designed to remain level for life!

How the Generation 3 Plan Works: You choose the amount of coverage that best meets your needs … from $25,000 to $400,000. Coverage is issued in $1,000 increments. Generation 3 offers you the best of both worlds - the lower premiums of a term policy and the security of a whole life plan. The exact combination of whole life coverage and decreasing term protection is based on your age on the date insurance becomes effective. Typically, the coverage begins with 6% whole life coverage and 94% decreasing term coverage.

Premiums are also based on your attained age at entry into the plan and are expected to remain level as long as your coverage stays in effect. You cannot be singled out for a rate increase; your premiums may be increased only if they are increased for all insureds under the Group Policy.

Once issued, your total coverage amount remains level so long as your premiums are paid. Dividends as may be declared are used to purchase paid-up Whole Life additions. The Term portion of your coverage decreases as these Whole Life additions accumulate. Should no dividend emerge in any plan year, the amount of decreasing term coverage remains the same.

Check around and compare the cost. Right now, our Generation 3 plan can give you the advantages of permanent lifetime protection at a fraction of the cost of a traditional whole life policy. And later, when you’re older, the cost can be substantially less than term coverage.

*See Monthly Premium Rates for details.

Before you begin the application process, be sure to review the Generation 3 plan Features, Options, FAQs and Rates.

You can complete your application online or print an application and complete it at your convenience. Plus, when you choose to apply online, we’ll ask you to decide if you want to:

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(After completing the application, you can print it, sign it and mail it to us with a check for the required premium amount. If we cannot issue a policy for any reason, we will refund the amount you paid in full.)


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Plan Details    

Optional Children’s Term Life Coverage
USBA Children’s Coverage is low-cost term insurance designed to protect your eligible children (unmarried children age 14 days through 22 years) who are not eligible for USBA Membership. Adopted/foster/stepchildren must be dependent on the member for over 50% of their support. If both parents are insured with USBA coverage, only one parent may request Children’s Coverage.

Each $25,000 of USBA Generation 3 coverage which you request allows you to apply for one unit of Children’s Coverage. The maximum is four units.

The monthly premium is just $1.50 per unit - and each unit covers all of your eligible children. In other words, the number of units determines only the amount of insurance on each child - not the number of children insured. And, the older your kids get, the more protection USBA Children’s Coverage provides.

Children’s coverage can continue as long as premiums are paid when due, you continue to be insured under a USBA-sponsored Group Life Plan, and your children remain eligible.

Each Unit Insures All Eligible Children by Age For the Coverage Amount Indicated:

14 days to 6 months $1,000 per child
6 months to 2 years $2,000 per child
2 years to 3 years $4,000 per child
3 years thru 22 years $5,000 per child

Optional AD&D Coverage
You can add $40,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) to your USBA-sponsored Group Life coverage for $2.00 per month. This optional coverage is available to Members, Spouses and Associate Members. (Children must be age 18-22 to qualify for Associate Membership.)

AD&D Benefit - The full coverage amount – $40,000 – is payable for accidental loss of life, the loss of both hands or feet, the sight of both eyes, or any two of the preceding. Half the coverage amount – $20,000 – is payable for the loss of one hand or foot or the sight of one eye.

The loss must be the direct result of a covered accident that occurs while coverage is in force and within 90 days of the accident. Loss of a hand or foot means severance at or above the wrist or ankle. Loss of sight means total and permanent loss. No more than $40,000 will be paid for all losses from any one accident.

AD&D coverage ends on the June 1st following the insured’s 66th birthday or earlier if the insured ceases to be insured under a USBA-sponsored Group Life Plan.

Exclusions - AD&D benefits are not provided for losses due to air travel, unless the insured is riding solely as a passenger. Other exclusions include losses due to war; insurrection; riot; terrorist activity; commission of a felony or assault; illegal use of drugs, hallucinogens, etc.; use of alcohol; sickness or disease or its medical or surgical treatment; intentionally self-inflicted injuries; or suicide. AD&D benefits may not be denied due to suicide if insane, unless it can be shown that the insured intended to commit suicide at the time coverage was requested.

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