Solid Financial Ratings Mean Solid Insurance Plans For You



Once again, our partner New York Life Insurance Company who underwrites all of USBA’s group life insurance plans, has received the highest financial strength ratings possible from all four of the nation’s major independent credit rating agencies: Standard & Poor’s (AA+), Moody’s Investors Service (Aaa), Fitch Ratings (AAA) and A.M. Best (A++)*.

It’s especially notable that New York Life received this affirmation of their stability and performance during a period of economic challenges for so many other companies in the industry. USBA members** can remain confident that New York Life and USBA are stable and our policies are secure.

USBA members enjoy unique group pricing due to a special “power of one” advantage. In simple terms, this means USBA exists for the sole purpose of our membership. For instance, the latest product we developed – Long Term 20-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance Plan – was created because our research indicated it could meet the needs of a large number of our current and future policyholders. The same thinking drove us to develop all of our products, including Smart Value 10-Year Group Level Term, Lean~15 Year Group Level Term, and our Generation 3 Blended Plans.

Importantly, holding on to your life insurance policy during a challenging economy is especially smart when times are volatile. Because no matter how unsure things may be around you, you can be certain you’ve prepared yourself for the unexpected.

If you are debating forgoing your insurance premiums when looking for ways to tighten your budget, contact us first. There may be options you haven’t thought about that will help you hold on to your life insurance.

*Source: Individual Third Party Rating Report (as of 6/4/13).
**Who qualifies to be a USBA member?

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