Portable USBA Insurance for U.S. Military and Federal Employees



You may have seen or heard the terms portable life insurance or portability and wondered what they meant. Portability allows eligible insureds to continue their life insurance protection no matter where they go — even after changing jobs.

If you’re currently serving in the U.S. military with SGLI or working as a Federal employee with FEGLI, the value of also having portable life insurance—such as that available from USBA—is that you own it. This means you can keep this life insurance even after you transition or retire from your military or Federal job. 

In the case of military service, SGLI ends 120 days after separation from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. While VGLI is available after separation or retirement, it may not provide enough coverage with affordable rates. Maximum coverage is $400,000.

Federal employee life insurance (FEGLI) changes upon retirement with either a reduction in coverage or an increase in premium, and if you leave Federal employment before retiring, FEGLI ends. 

The portable features and benefits of USBA insurance—for Federal employees and military personnel—don’t change due to transition, separation or retirement. Maximum coverage is up to $650,000. Get an instant free quote from USBA.

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