Members Share “Power of One” Benefits



USBA CEO Colonel Robin Snyder encourages current USBA members to share the news about our association and its affordable group life insurance products. “Together, we create a ‘Power of One’ pricing advantage through our common bond of Military and Government service,” he explains. “The more members we have, the greater opportunities and advantages we can share with each other.”

Snyder points out that family members are also eligible for USBA products. Spouses of qualified USBA members can apply for our group life insurance products and children may also be covered up to age 23 or until they marry,” he says. “In most cases, children ages 18 to 23 can even qualify for Associate Membership on their own, without meeting any of the qualifying categories for regular USBA membership.”

To find out more about how you can become a member of the USBA family, contact us today!

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