Life insurance: A unique Valentine’s Gift



While roses and chocolates are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, they only last a week or two. If you want to give something that’s both meaningful and long lasting, consider the gift of life insurance. Some call it love insurance.

Giving your loved ones the kind of financial peace of mind that can come with adequate life insurance says “I love you” today and into the future. After you’re gone, it can provide financial support that could mean the difference between your loved ones having to make dramatic changes in their lifestyle and realizing their dreams for the future. Here’s one family’s first-hand experience.

Even if you have SGLI, is it enough life insurance for military life and beyond? Would it cover living expenses, medical bills, credit cards, child care, car payments, even college costs? Portable group life insurance is yours to keep no matter how many times you change jobs. Keep in mind, SGLI runs out 120 days after you transition out of the military. Use this calculator to figure out how much insurance you need to cover your family’s expenses.

Roses or candy are still great gifts on February 14th, but add in a review of your life insurance and financial obligations annually. If you’d like help or have questions, contact a friendly USBA Product Specialist for a free needs assessment and no-obligation quote at 877-297-9235. Or you can contact us here.

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