What’s important about September?



We all need reminders, especially about really important things.  That’s why we want you to take note that September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month.  It’s a month-long reminder to review your life insurance. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself.  Do you have enough insurance to protect those at home?  Is their financial future secure if something happens to you?  SGLI may seem like enough, but does it adequately cover your current financial obligations?  Do you have someone headed to college?  Aging parents counting on you?  A new addition?

Here are a few more reminders …

SGLI maxes out at $400,000. If you have a family, mortgage and other loans, this may not be enough--even with the $100,000 Service Death Gratuity.  To get an idea of how much coverage you need, use this estimator.

SGLI also doesn’t last forever.  If you’re nearing retirement or separating from the service, your SGLI ends 120 days after your service ends. What do you have in place to pick up where SGLI leaves off?  You may want to get a free life insurance quote from USBA.  There’s no obligation.

This month, take a few minutes to review your life insurance.  If you need help, call 1-877-297-9235 or visit USBA.com.

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