Why New York Life Insurance Company?



People often ask why USBA’s group life insurance plans are underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company. The answer is simple.

When you buy life insurance protection, you need to be confident your valid claim will be paid as promised—even if payment is 20 years or more from now. That’s why USBA selected New York Life as the underwriter for the veterans group life insurance plans the association offers.   

Founded in 1845—over 177 years ago—New York Life has a long history of financial stability and reliable claims service.

New York Life Insurance Company has received the highest ratings for financial strength currently awarded to any life insurer by all four major ratings agencies:  A.M. Best (A++), Standard & Poor’s (AA+), Moody’s (Aaa), and Fitch (AAA).

New York Life has proven it has the resources to meet its long-term commitments and financial obligations to our USBA members.  

USBA is a not-for-profit Association that provides group life insurance, health insurance supplements, and other products and services to military personnel, Federal employees, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans and their families.

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