Two kinds of insurance for military families



What do life insurance and getting a college degree have in common? Whether you’re in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, life insurance and a degree can help provide financial security for military families. And if you’re transitioning out of military service any time soon, both may be on your radar.

For information about getting affordable life insurance protection to replace your SGLI after you transition and your SGLI runs out, check out our portable life insurance plans.

If you’re thinking about starting or finishing your college degree and keep putting it off because you weren’t near a campus or thought you didn’t have time, consider getting an online degree. It can save time and money as well as give you needed flexibility. With a degree in hand, you’ll expand your civilian career opportunities and increase the likelihood of getting higher pay.

According to, many online courses and degree programs are developed specifically to provide the flexibility needed by those who can’t sit in a classroom and don’t have traditional schedules. In fact, thousands of active duty, single parent, even deployed military members earn their college degrees each year through online education. Most schools offer online programs that range from Associates to Masters degrees and, depending on the course, may take as little as 1-2 hours a day, 3 days a week. There are even universities that are 100% online.

If you think an online education may be right for you, start looking for schools that meet your needs. Check out the Military Times’ “Best for Vets: Colleges 2014 (Online & Nontraditional Schools).

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