Unique life insurance protects two lives with one premium payment



With April’s spotlight on Month of the Military Child, now’s a good time to remind military families of the importance of having adequate life insurance protection for both parents. Here’s why.

Many of today’s families have household budgets based on two incomes. Insuring only the primary breadwinner doesn’t truly protect your family as it may have in your parents’ generation. If either you or your spouse die unexpectedly, your family’s lifestyle and financial future could be in jeopardy if both of you aren’t adequately insured.

But do you really need two insurance policies? And can your budget handle the added expense of two premiums? What you may need is insurance on the first person to die. Here’s why.

The benefits paid on that first life would in many cases take care of “the big three”—your mortgage, your car payments, and your children’s education. And the surviving spouse would no longer need coverage that’s large enough to cover these major expenses.

That’s why it’s often the first person to die that needs the largest amount of insurance. Because no one can predict who will die first, we offer a unique plan:  USBA Double Value TWO for ONE® Family Group Level Term Life.

USBA Double Value TWO for ONE® is an affordable way to provide both of you with the same amount of coverage—up to $400,000—that pays on whoever dies first. But you only have one premium to pay, not two. Plus, you can keep it after you transition out of the military. As added protection, should both of you die within 15 days of each other as the result of the same accident, the full benefit amount would paid for each life. This provides extra financial security for your family.

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