Free resources for military-to-civilian job seekers



If you or your spouse is transitioning out of the military in 2017, check out our USBA Military Jobs Center. It’s a place to get help translating the rigorous training and life experiences  gained in the military into a rewarding civilian job.

Start by signing up here. You’ll get immediate access to an extensive library of fast-reading FREE white papers filled with tips, advice and strategies exclusively for military job seekers. Here are a couple of the most recent topics covered:

For additional help with your job search, visit the nation’s largest military placement agency, Orion International. Over 25,000 veterans like you have found careers thanks to Orion. The job placement services are 100% FREE. Register here to start your civilian career job search with Orion.

One more thing. If you’re leaving the military, make sure to sign up for $5,000 of no-cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. This offer comes with a free membership to USBA which then entitles you to apply for any USBA life insurance, TRICARE supplement, or financial service product. This no-cost protection is our way of saying thank you for your service.

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