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Apply Online for USBA Military Double Value TWO for ONE® Life Insurance

TWO for ONE conveniently covers both spouses for the same amount of coverage, pays on whoever dies first, and there’s only one premium to pay … not two! To apply online, fill out the form below and on following pages. Please be aware this is only an invitation to apply for USBA life insurance and is not a guarantee of approval of coverage. Coverage for yourself and/or any dependents is not effective until approved by USBA and New York Life.

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USBA Free Info Kit for military life insurance
Need More Information before applying? Click here to request a Free Info Packet on any of our life insurance plans!
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USBA is a nonprofit organization providing a variety of low-cost group life insurance plans and other financial services. USBA programs are specifically designed to meet the special needs of Active Duty and Retired members of the Military, Honorably Discharged Veterans and Federal employees. As such, USBA can only offer insurance to people who meet specific requirements.

Applying online is not currently available in New York. Residents of New York may hit the ‘Back’ button on your browser and select ‘Download Application’ then print and mail an application to USBA.


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