USBA Group Comprehensive Accident Insurance for Military

On Or Off The Job, You’re Protected 24/7

3 Accident Coverages Under 1 Policy

Group Comprehensive Accident Insurance

This group coverage offers USBA Members and their eligible spouses three accident coverages under one policy – which helps provide protection from the potential financial hardships a covered accident may cause.

  • Acceptance is Guaranteed for eligible USBA Members and their spouses1
  • $100,000 Accidental Death Benefit
  • $1,000/mo Accident Disability Income Benefit
  • $100/day Accident Hospital Indemnity Benefit
  • Eligibility ages: 18-59
  • Pays a cash benefit directly to the insured for injuries2
  • 30-Day Free Look
  • Premium (per individual): $34.00/mo
Eligible USBA Members and their spouses ages 18-59 who are working full time (at least 20 hours per week) and not on active duty.
Benefit is paid for injuries sustained from a covered accident.
Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states.
USBA Comprehensive Accident Insurance Plan Details


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