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How does life insurance work?
Why your family needs life insurance If you’re single and have little or no debt, you probably only need to consider the cost of final expenses in case you were to die. If you’re married; have dependent children; have debts such as a mortgage, car payment, or credit card balances; consider enough life insurance to cover your income for the period of time your family will need if your income were suddenly no longer available. More
Leaving the Military
Transitioning out of the military might not seem like planning a military campaign. But actually they have a lot in common. Both situations start with a large-scale challenge that seems almost too complex to solve. So you study the big picture until you can isolate your primary objective. Once you know that, you can flesh out a plan and put it into action. Analyze, plan, execute—in battle and in life, that’s how you win. More
The Will to Win
Why Active Duty Military Choose USBA Plus SGLI, and Veterans Choose USBA Over VGLI If you grew up with video games based on combat, there was a time when the will to win meant working your thumbs faster than the other player. But now that you’re serving your country, you know the will to win goes a lot deeper. More
Why Veterans Should Consider USBA vs. VGLI
Choosing life insurance after the military In the military, everybody gets standard issue. In basic training, you learn to march in step. On active duty, you wear the same camo, chow down in the same DFAC, rack out in the same barracks, and hear the same jokes from the same buddies. More
Make an Insurance Check-Up Your New Year's Resolution
Reviewing your current insurance policies should be done every year to ensure you’re adequately covered and everything is keeping pace with the changes in your life as well as the world around you. Consider the following: More
Life Insurance After Leaving The Army
A strategy for your future The Army taught you the value of strategy, and Army life insurance was a key part of its strategy for you. Thanks to the Army's SGLI coverage, you could concentrate on the mission, knowing that your family would be taken care of in the event of your death. Now that you're leaving the military, it's time to plan your own life strategy. And your first priority should be to help protect your family with continued life insurance coverage as a veteran. More

Useful Links

Affordable Colleges Online logo
ROTC Guide

Affordable Colleges Online – ROTC Guide
A no-cost, expert-driven guide that shows college students (and their families) how ROTC programs can help fund their degrees. In addition to discussing ROTC enrollment basics, the new resource provides a detailed breakdown of the various financial rewards available in each service branch and the commitments required to qualify for them.

American Gold Star Mothers logo

American Gold Star Mothers
A Veterans Service Organization comprised of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country. Established in 1928 and chartered by the United States Congress in 1984, American Gold Star Mothers continue to honor our sons and daughters through service to veterans and patriotic events.

California Department of Veterans Affairs logo

California Department of Veterans Affairs
CalVet is dedicated to serving veterans and their families to ensure they receive the treatment, dignity, and respect they deserve.

Careers in the Military logo

Careers in the Military
Career exploration for all branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

Commercial Capital Training Group logo

Commercial Capital Training Group
Commercial Capital Training Group network is made up of multiple companies dedicated to delivering premium services and providing top-notch client satisfaction. Here is a resource guide specific for Veterans who are wanting to start their own business.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service logo

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
The people of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) take pride in serving the men and women who defend America. Their duties include fulfilling the fiscal responsibilities entrusted to us by the American taxpayers to ensure the resources they provide are accounted for properly.

VA Health Care logo

VA Health Care
Provides resources for Veterans and their families interested in learning about and applying for health care benefits, including benefit eligibility, the application process, specific types of health care benefits, like dental care and vision care, and spouse and dependents’ compensation eligibility.

Military One Source logo

Military One Source
Military One Source is a 24/7 Resource for Military Members, Military Families, National Guard and Reserve. Get to know benefits and prepare deployments, reintegration, moves, parenthood, retirement and more.


TRICARE’s official website. Learn about TRICARE eligibility and plans … plus medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage.

USO Inc. logo

USO Inc.
Since before World War II, the USO has been entertaining the military to lift morale and express the gratitude and support of the American People.

VA Home Loan Centers logo

VA Home Loan Centers
The Veteran’s home loan program began in 1944. Since then, the VA loan has helped over 20 million veterans, active duty military personnel and their families purchase homes. VA Home Loan Centers is an approved VA lender that not only saves veterans money, but also provides free resources via the VA Home Loan Center blog.

Veterans Real Estate Benefits Network logo

Veterans Real Estate Benefits Network (VREB)
A nationwide program that enables those that have served or are currently serving our Nation’s military (Retired, Active Duty, Veterans and Reserve/National Guard) to receive a rewards check on their real estate transactions when they use one of our Network real estate agents. The rewards check is approximately 25% of their agent’s commission up to $7,500. VREB also helps educate Veterans about VA loans and works with experienced VA lenders nationwide. For more info, contact VREB.

Veterans United Home Loans logo

Veterans United Home Loans
Based in Columbia, Mo., the national lender financed more than $7.3 billion in loans in 2015. Its mission is to help Veterans and service members take advantage of the home loan benefits earned by their service. In 2019,Veterans United was named No. 23 on the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For by Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine.