USBA’s No-Cost $5,000 AD&D Insurance Special Offer

USBA Special Offer

No-Cost $5,000 AD&D*

A Year of Coverage at No-Cost, No-Strings Attached

This offer comes with your free membership to USBA which entitles you to apply for any of our life insurance, TRICARE Supplement or financial service products.

To accept this offer, you need only meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Become a new USBA Member
  • Be under the age of 60
  • Be an Active Duty serviceperson scheduled for honorable discharge within the next 18 months (be sure to give us your separation date on the enrollment form)
  • Not be a resident of Oregon and Texas
USBA No-Cost $5K AD&D Insurance photo

*Under this offer, coverage is provided at “no cost” for the first year to Eligible New Members of USBA. Premiums for this first year of coverage are paid by USBA.

Before you begin the application process, please be sure to review the No Cost AD&D Policy Details and then click “Enroll Now” to complete your USBA Membership/$5,000 of AD&D Enrollment Form.