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USBA IDShield Identity Theft Protection

You live much of your life online, which offers tremendous convenience. At the same time, your online presence can open the door to potential theft. That’s why it makes sense to proactively protect yourself, your family, and your devices, finances, credit, and identities 24/7 with IDShield’s full coverage protection and restoration plans. While identity theft and identity fraud might seem scary, it doesn’t have to be—not when you have a security expert on your side.

Take charge of your online security and safety with IDShield

USBA has teamed up with IDShield to offer you a comprehensive tool that monitors your presence online and notifies you of any unusual activity so you can take action before you become a victim. It’s the optimum tool for protecting your identity, your reputation and your savings – all at a reasonable price.

IDShield offers you:

  1. Peace of mind by giving you one place to check in on the status of your identity.
  2. Opportunity for quick action via notification of changes to your information.
  3. Emergency assistance and support any time, night or day.
  4. NEW! Trend Micro Maximum Security
  5. NEW! VPN Proxy
  6. NEW! Password Manager

If your identity is ever stolen, you can feel confident with IDShield on the case. Their service guarantee means they will keep working until your identity is restored, with unlimited restoration services and 24/7 service access, 365 days a year.

Invaluable protection at an affordable price

The thought of having your identity stolen might concern you. The cost of protecting it should not. As a USBA member, you and your family are eligible to sign up for comprehensive IDShield identity theft protection. You’ll receive a USBA member-only discount of 15% for individuals and 48% for families.

IDShield’s Individual and Family 3 Bureau Protection Plans were selected as
@ForbesAdvisor’s “Best for Suspicious Activity Alerts” and Best for Families Winner For 2022!
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IDShield is a product of PPLSI and provides access to identity theft protection and restoration.