USBA Article: Leaving the Military

Leaving the Military

Transitioning out of the military might not seem like planning a military campaign. But actually they have a lot in common. Both situations start with a large-scale challenge that seems almost too complex to solve. So you study the big picture until you can isolate your primary objective. Once you know that, you can flesh out a plan and put it into action. Analyze, plan, execute—in battle and in life, that’s how you win.

As you prepare to separate from active duty, we at USBA are 100% here for you. Since 1959, we’ve been helping veterans execute their plans for success.  With our outstanding array of term life insurance policies, we’ve helped thousands of service members define their objectives, select the USBA policy that best matches their personal life goals, and move forward with confidence into a rewarding new chapter.

Here’s our first suggestion: Give yourself time to analyze. Even if you’re 18 months away from transition, it’s not too early to schedule a pre-separation counseling appointment with the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Do you want to study something new in college or go right into a career based on your military training? Move back home, or head for new territory? Aim high! There will never be a better time. Your counselor will point you toward all the available resources, including career guidance, benefits counseling, and referrals to other services you may need.

Once you’ve thought about your future plans, it’s time to write your Individual Transition Plan (ITC). This details your goals and action plans in three of life’s most consequential areas: managing your money, landing a job, and choosing your benefits.

And this is where USBA can make all the difference. You may be assuming that life insurance is either/or: if you want insurance coverage now, you’ll have to shelve your dreams until later. But with USBA’s wide selection of life insurance options to choose from, it may be possible to pursue your dreams and protect your family’s financial future, starting now.

We offer advantages like Preferred Rate premiums for transitioning military who lead a rather healthy lifestyle. Those cost-savings can really add up over the years.

And speaking of money, VA life insurance benefits can’t exceed $500,000. But USBA offers you coverage up to $750,000.*

Even if you don’t qualify for our Preferred Rates, USBA’s tailor-made policies give you the edge. Many veterans choose our 20 Year, 15 Year, or 10 Year Group Level Term policies. These term life insurance policies offer premiums designed to stay level for 10, 15, or 20 years, depending on your budget and coverage needs. With some age restrictions, you’re guaranteed renewal at the end of your first term. After that, premiums may increase. Provided your premiums are paid when due, coverage never decreases.

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We’ll always work overtime to create value for you. But our greatest satisfaction is not financial. We’re here to make sure you re-enter civilian life with every possible advantage. Because you deserve no less.

Call us today at 877-297-9235 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday (or leave a message after hours for a prompt call back) and let’s talk about how USBA can help you set your priorities, choose your coverage, and put your future into action.

*The overall maximum coverage for each Member/Associate Member is $650,000 under all USBA-sponsored Group Life Insurance policies, with the option for those ages 69 and below, if approved, to add up to an additional $100,000 of Traditional Whole Life (G-10648-0), for a maximum of $750,000.