Free assistance for job-seeking military transitioners



Here’s a new year’s resolution for those transitioning out of the military in 2016. Before you start searching for work, decide what you really want from your new civilian job and career. Then focus your time and efforts accordingly.

Need some help finding that focus? USBA’s free white paper, “Determining Your Next Career Move,” helps you pinpoint what matters most to you by answering 6 simple questions. Sign up now to download it for free.

This fast-reading white paper and others are available at the USBA Military Jobs Center. Free registration gives you unlimited access to the entire library. Get help with everything from writing your resume and preparing for interviews to figuring out civilian salaries and evaluating job offers. Two of the most popular topics are “What Are You Worth in Today’s Civilian Market?” and “Basic Interview Training: Dos and Don’ts.” And there are many more. Register now and you’ll be notified as new white papers become available throughout 2016.

Also check out our USBA partner, Orion International. Orion is the nation’s largest military placement agency assisting transitioners in finding jobs in the civilian workforce. Orion offers career placement services—free of charge—to Enlisted Technicians, Noncommissioned Officers, Junior Military Officers, and Combat Arms Personnel from all branches of military service.

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