Moving season is here for the military



Now that school’s out, it’s time for many military families to make their next Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. Hundreds of thousands of families in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines move domestically and internationally each year. Whether you’re active, transitioning or retired military about to relocate, here are some tips from military spouses with plenty of moving experience.

#1. Make sure all the pieces of the coffee machine are packed in one box. (Believe it or not, this doesn’t always happen and can cause major disappointment the morning you start unpacking.)

#2. If you tip movers before they start, they take extra care with your stuff.

#3. Don’t buy new furniture prior to your PCS move.

#4. Pay the cleaning fee when you are leaving housing. Cleaning for inspection is an added stressor you don’t need during an already stressful time.

#5. Take photos of everything you value before the packers arrive. That way, if you have to make a claim for missing/damaged items, you have before photos to aid in the claim process.

#6. Use colored duct tape to mark boxes. Use a different color/print for each room. This makes unloading the trucks a breeze!

#7. Pack and move or ship important/valuable/irreplaceable items yourself.

#8. When you’re getting ready for the movers, empty a closet and put things in the closet that you need after the movers leave. Things like personal essentials and medications. Then tape a big X on the door with a note that says, “Do Not Pack.” (Note: Painter’s tape peels off easily without removing the paint.)

#9. Keep a copy of your family medical and dental records with you. Don’t forget records for the pets, too!

#10. This sounds crazy-easy but make sure to empty trash cans before the movers arrive. They WILL pack the cans full of trash. (Not fun to open when you get to your destination!)

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