Tips for tackling military spouse

Tips for tackling military spouse joblessness


Selling on Etsy for military spouses

Military spouses often struggle to find jobs and build careers. Frequent moves, solo parenting and the unknowns of military life make it challenging to find and hold a meaningful job. Here are some options you may not have considered:

Channel your creative juices into an Etsy career or other online business

Selling on Etsy for military spousesIf you’re an artist or craft hobbyist, it may be easier than you think to turn your creativity into cash. Thanks to Etsy, the popular online marketplace for one-of-a-kind hand- and homemade items, military spouses stationed worldwide are connecting with customers to make money without leaving home. Etsy sellers currently have access to over 28.6 million buyers around the world with low overhead and comprehensive online support.

Having an Etsy business is ideal for military spouses because (1) it’s portable, (2) you don’t have to reestablish your customer base every time you move, (3) it can provide your family with a second income and (4) you have complete flexibility. Learn more about starting an Etsy shop here. Among other online business you might explore are eBay, and Amazon, to name a few. (USBA has no ownership or other interest or affiliation with or Etsy, eBay, Amazon or any other business.)

Volunteer your way to your next job

If your family is facing another move or transitioning out of the military, consider volunteering as a way to check out a new career in a new location. It’s a way to gain experience and establish career contacts while supporting a cause that interests you.

As a military spouse, volunteering helps you connect with new people in your new community as you check out potential opportunities. For example, if you’re interested in health care, you could volunteer at a hospital, clinic or nursing home. Volunteering also gives you access to information about employment trends and job openings. Even if you don’t end up with a paying job, you’ll have the chance to learn new job skills, add to your resume and network with interesting people.

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