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Two years ago, we posted what became one of our most popular news articles telling the story of Vet Tix, the Veteran Tickets Foundation’s Tickets for Troops Program.

Vet Tix gives active duty military, retired veterans, and immediate family members of troops KIA free tickets to sporting events, concerts, arts performances, educational and family activities. These are no-cost tickets with no strings attached.

At the time the first article was written, just over 2,500,000 free tickets had been given to active duty and retired veterans in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Now two years later, this number has more than doubled to 5,452,184 free tickets. (Check here for the current figure that’s updated each night at midnight.)

Free tickets are available for any event that requires a ticket to enjoy. This includes things like NFL games (even the Super Bowl), big-name concerts and Disney World. The organization works with promoters, artists and teams to pair empty seats with active duty and honorably discharged military vets and their military families. Learn more about getting free tickets.

Vet Tix was founded by veterans Mike Focareto and Chris Blindheim after they sat next to an empty seat at the 2008 Super Bowl. A military friend had performed in the color guard before the game and could have easily occupied the seat. Instead, he and others in the color guard were ushered off the field after their performance and never got to see the game.

Focareto, a disabled Navy veteran, and Blindheim, a Marine vet, decided to do something about it. The next day, they filed the paperwork that created an organization that has enriched millions of lives. It provides tickets to socially interactive events that are reintegration opportunities and bonding experiences for active and retired military and their military families.

Get free tickets.

Want to help those who have served in our armed forces? You can donate event tickets or gift certificates.

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