Transitioning? Use this Planning Checklist

Transitioning? Use this Planning Checklist



Use this checklist to help smooth your transition from military to civilian life

Financial Planning
□ Consider your bank or credit card needs. Do you need a brick and mortar bank where you’re moving?
□ Develop a budget knowing it will be adjusted in the coming months.
□ Revisit your personal financial plan. Interview financial advisors.
□ Determine retirement, education and insurance needs and plan for them.

Health & Life Insurance
□ Investigate options for transitional health care.
□ Estimate your family’s life insurance needs using this free calculator.
□ Determine how you will replace SGLI to protect your family’s financial future
□ Revisit your auto insurance policy. Obtain competitive bids and determine which fits your needs and budget.

Real Estate & Moving
□ Homeowners: Contact a real estate agent to sell your home.
□ Renters: Notify your landlord of your vacate date.
□ Contact a real estate agent where you’re moving to show you properties to buy or rent.
□ Contact a mortgage company to pre-apply for a mortgage; get a VA home loan form from the VA.
□ Determine if you need personal property storage or moving services.
□ Get moving and/or personal property insurance if your homeowners or renters policy doesn’t cover you during a move.

Telecomm & Utilities
□ Notify utility and telecomm providers of your move date.
□ Determine the best providers for phone, cellular phone, cable and internet service where you are moving.
□ Consider whether package deals or “bundles” are good deals for your needs.
□ With utility deregulation, consider your options for electricity, water and gas.

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