IDShield™ Adds New Enhanced Online Protection Service

IDShield™ Adds New Enhanced Online Protection Service


Members-Only Identity Theft Protection from USBA 2020

Did you know that military personnel and their families are more than twice as likely to have their identities stolen than other Americans? According to the Federal Trade Commission, military families reported over 59,000 fraud complaints related to identity theft in 2018. Incidents topping the list are credit card fraud and imposter scams.

As a USBA member, you and your family are eligible to sign up for comprehensive IDShield identity theft protection and receive a USBA member-only discount of 15% for individuals and 48% for families.

What’s new with IDShield?
IDShield has added new enhanced privacy management services to help you take control of your private data and identity. It monitors your shared information on the internet and helps you delete it from places it shouldn’t be, such as:

  • Data broker sites
  • Social media apps
  • Voice assistant technology (such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant)
  • Internet browsers
  • Smart TVs
  • Password management systems

It can also monitor social media accounts to see if your private information has been exposed through images, captions, posts and comments for added identity theft protection.

We live online and so does our personal data and information, opening the door to various identity theft opportunities and scams, so it is important to take extra precautions to protect your private information. Learn more about IDShield and how USBA members can protect themselves and their loved ones from identity theft with this affordable service.

IDShield received the Cybersecurity Excellence Award in 2020.

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