DoD SkillBridge: Opening the Doors to Civilian Jobs for Transitioning Military

DoD SkillBridge: Opening the Doors to Civilian Jobs for Transitioning Military



When you join the U.S. Military, you’re given the chance to develop valuable skills, thanks to the training investment made in service members by the Department of Defense (DoD). As you approach your separation from the military, that investment in your skills doesn’t stop. Instead, it becomes highly focused on helping you with a smooth return back to civilian life through job training via SkillBridge.

If you are within six months of your separation date, you can apply for DoD SkillBridge job training. SkillBridge programs let you use up to your final 180 days of active service for training with an industry partner, regardless of your rank.* Best of all, while you participate in the training process, you will receive military compensation and you’ll still be covered by your military benefits.

Some SkillBridge training programs include an internship or apprenticeship that leads directly to a civilian job when you get out. The program features a wide range of partners with opportunities in a variety of fields such as energy, information technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, civil service and more. These industry partners have developed SkillBridge programs for separating service members because they value your expertise, dedication and service.

If you’d like to get an idea of what career opportunities exist, check out the SkillBridge map.

Ready to start planning your return to civilian life? 

You can start looking into opportunities at any time. Visit DoD SkillBridge to get more information or visit your local installation transition office.

If you need help with your job search, check out USBA’s Military Jobs Center, where you can download helpful white papers and get access to the popular Orion International Job Placement Board.

Finally, we encourage you to visit the Veterans Administration Careers and employment webpage. It connects transitioning service members, Veterans and their families to meaningful career opportunities in the public and private sector.

*Release for SkillBridge is always mission-dependent, and your unit Commander must authorize participation prior to entering into any agreement with interested industry employment partners.

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