Travel with Confidence Thanks to Emergency Assistance

Travel with Confidence Thanks to Emergency Assistance Plus


Emergency assistance plus

Summer is here, and for many of us, that means vacation travel. When you’re away from home, do you know how you would handle a medical emergency such as heart attack, serious injury or stroke?

When you sign up for Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+), you can rest easy while you’re away, knowing that if you need them, crucial medical services are covered. EA+ will handle things like medical evacuation, assistance for your traveling companion and even transportation home, if you need it—services typically not covered by medical or travel insurance.

Do you travel by yourself? If you should have a medical emergency that requires hospital care and you’re alone, Emergency Assistance Plus will make sure a loved one has access to airline transportation right to your bedside. If you’re traveling with your family, EA+ will cover the cost of flights home for your dependent children and grandchildren who are left unattended due to your medical emergency. If you travel with your pet—EA+ also offers Pet Care and Return Home Assistance if you cannot care for them due to an accident or illness.

You can count on this assistance whether you’ve traveled across the state, across the country or even around the world. Best of all, help from EA+ is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s true peace of mind.

A Broad Range of Services

With Emergency Assistance Plus, you’ll benefit from more than 20 travel services to help you during an unexpected health event. Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect:

  • Emergency medical evacuation to get you to the facility that can provide the care you need.
  • Nurse escort to monitor your condition during your travels home, if deemed medically necessary.
  • Vehicle return if you are unable to drive home due to your documented medical emergency.
  • Emergency cash advance for unexpected medical bills, against a valid credit card.
  • Assistance replacing lost or stolen travel documents.

Review full Emergency Assistance Plus plan details.

Who’s Covered by EA+?

When you sign up for Emergency Assistance Plus, you’ll enjoy full protection for yourself, regardless of your age. Best of all, you don’t have to answer medical questions and you cannot be turned down.

In addition, when you select a family membership, your family is fully protected, too. Your spouse and dependent children cannot be turned down.

As a USBA Member, you can save 30% off annual membership to Emergency Assistance Plus. It’s just $129 for Members or $169 for Member and Family.

Sign up today

Try EA+ for 30 Days

To ensure you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy fun and adventure when you’re away from home, register today for Emergency Assistance Plus. You have 30 days to review all program materials. If you’re not fully satisfied with the coverage, call 1-855-389-9353 and you will receive a full refund, as long as you have not used the services.

This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Hospitalization (admitted as an inpatient) is a requirement to be eligible for some services. All services must be arranged and provided by EA+. Please read your Member Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any rules and regulations. Click here to view a sample of the EA+ Plan details. EA+ is only available to U.S. residents at this time and may not be available in all states. Washington state residents must be traveling more than 100 miles away from home to be eligible for EA+ services. EA+ is not insurance, it is a travel assistance service program.

The EA+® and Emergency Assistance Plus® service marks are federally registered and owned by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc. The Emergency Assistance Plus program is owned and operated by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., and the individual Member relationships and all written materials, information, and goodwill associated with the service marks and program are the confidential property of Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc.

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