National Insurance Awareness Day: Keep Your Coverage Up to Date

National Insurance Awareness Day: Keep Your Coverage Up to Date


National Insurance Awareness Day

We typically don’t think an accident, illness or natural disaster will happen to us. But the truth is, we never know what’s coming. Having proper insurance in place offers us the peace of mind we need to live our lives without constant worry about “what if?”

While insurance does offer us significant emotional comfort, it’s not the kind of thing we should purchase and forget. That’s why National Insurance Awareness Day was created. Celebrated each year on June 28, it’s the perfect reminder to review your insurance policies and determine whether the coverage you have in place is still appropriate.

Though we don’t know for sure the origin of this day, we do know how important insurance is in many aspects of our lives. When you purchase insurance, you and your loved ones benefit from a level of financial security that can help you avoid financial hardship in the event of damage, illness, accident or even death.

It’s important to remember that your insurance needs may change over time. For example, the value of your home and everything in it, is likely to change significantly as the years go by. Your life insurance needs also evolve, particularly if you have a family. That’s why it’s crucial for you to keep all of your policies up to date.

On National Insurance Awareness Day, take this opportunity to review your current coverage. Here are some issues to consider:

  • Compare your current possessions to what you had when you purchased a policy.
  • Do you now have children? Or, have your kids grown up and moved out?
  • Do you plan to buy a bigger home or downsize to something smaller?
  • Are any changes on the horizon that will affect your life insurance needs?

How USBA Can Help You

We offer a wide range of insurance products to our members, including the following:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Life insurance for children
  • Health insurance via TRICARE supplements
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Auto and home insurance

While insurance can’t protect you from everything, it can ease your cost burden if something happens. At USBA, we can help you with the coverage you need—on National Insurance Awareness Day or at any time.

Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA) is a not-for-profit Association that provides group life insurance, health insurance supplements, and other products and services to military personnel, Federal employees, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans and their families.

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