January is a good time to finally ...



... review and update your life insurance. Stop putting it off!  With USBA’s online tools, it only takes a few minutes. Here’s why it’s important to do an annual review.

Even though you have SGLI that maxes out at $400,000, do you know if that’s enough money to cover your current financial obligations should something happen to you?   People’s lives change and so do their personal responsibilities.  Find out if you have enough insurance by using this free Life Insurance Estimator

Important Note:  If you’re planning to retire or transition from the military, remember SGLI ends 120 days after you leave the service. So it’s never too soon to start researching and securing portable life insurance you can keep no matter where life takes you.

Do you need permanent or term life protection?  Start by considering if your financial commitments are temporary or if you need lifelong financial protection?  Then learn more about the different types of life insurance to help you decide which is right for you.   

Concerned about finding affordable insurance that fits your budget?  It’s quick and easy to request a free online quote for any USBA life insurance plan.  You’re in no way obligated to buy anything. 

Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, USBA plans provide rock solid, competitively priced protection specifically for those in the Armed Services including Active Duty, Transitioning Military, Veterans, Retired Military, Reserve & National Guard, Federal Employees, and spouses of those serving. 

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