Attend Special Events with Free Tickets from Veteran

Attend Special Events with Free Tickets from Veteran Tickets Foundation


Free Tickets for USBA Members

Whether you currently serve in the U.S. military or are a veteran, the Veteran Tickets Foundation, also known as Vet Tix, would like to thank you for your service by offering free tickets to sporting events, concerts, artistic performances, and other events across the country. Read on to learn all you need to know to get your opportunity to attend the events that interest you most!

Who is eligible for tickets?

Vet Tix offers entertainment opportunities to: 

  • All currently serving military and their families.
  • All honorably discharged veterans and their families.
  • All immediate family of any troops killed in action.

What kind of events can I get tickets to?

Would you like to attend an NFL game? Take the family to Disney World? See your first Broadway show? Vet Tix can help with these and more! They offer tickets to sporting events, concerts, symphonies, ballet, theatrical plays, rodeo, comedy shows, family activities and more.

Why does Vet Tix exist?

Vet Tix focuses on addressing a range of issues through their programs:

  • Giving veterans the opportunity to attend events or cheer for a team helps them with the process of reintegrating back into their communities.
  • Receiving tickets to special events can help veterans who are dealing with PTSD.
  • Helping service members attend events and feel welcome in their communities through the generous donations made by individuals and organizations. 
  • Ensuring veterans can participate in events that might be out of reach financially. For example, the cost of attending an NFL game for a family of four can be a minimum of $500.

Why not just use a military discount?

It’s not always that simple. Although many organizations offer military discounts, approximately 66 percent of veterans don’t have a military ID card, putting military discounts out of reach. In addition, few concert venues offer discounts. While some sport teams offer “Military Mondays”, many military bases are far from stadiums, often making it impossible for active-duty personnel to attend during or after work. And finally, many discounts are not extended to family members. Vet Tix addresses these and other shortfalls.

How can I access these tickets?

If you are interested in free tickets, please visit the Vet Tix website to register. The organization will verify your service. Once that step is complete, you can check out the hundreds of open events to see what interests you. You’ll pay a small delivery fee to receive your free tickets. It’s that simple!

Learn more

Vet Tix was founded by veterans to help other veterans. When you have the chance to go to an event for free, the staff at Vet Tix wants you to enjoy, relax, spend precious time with your family, and feel a part of the American life you worked hard to defend. Here’s where to find all the details you need about Vet Tix.

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