Who is eligible for USBA membership?

Who is eligible for USBA membership?


Who is eligible for USBA insurance plans?

YOU ARE if you’re an active duty or a retired member of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guards; in the reserves (including I.R.R. and National Guard); an honorably discharged veteran; a federal civilian employee; or the spouse of any of the above. Our only mission is serving those who serve and have served the United States of America.

USBA membership has no membership fees and no annual dues. You automatically become a USBA member when your USBA life insurance application is issued or you can join here.

If you’re new to USBA, here are some things you should know about our non-profit association. The people at USBA understand the needs of America’s military families. Several are retired military or have family who are active duty. We’ve safeguarded families like yours through 11 presidents, 3 wars, and repeated ups and downs in the U.S. economy. Our mission is to help active and transitioning military find affordable life insurance protection they can keep after their SGLI ends.

Get complete details about all USBA Group Life Insurance policies including age eligibility.

Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA) is a not-for-profit Association that provides group life insurance, health insurance supplements, and other products and services to military personnel, Federal employees, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans and their families.

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