FREE white paper helps military transitioners in job search



If you’re transitioning from the military service and looking for a civilian job, you’ve probably read a lot about writing a resume and going on job interviews. But once you start getting job offers, how will you choose the job that best fits your short- and long-term goals? In most cases, it’s not just about money.

USBA’s new white paper, “Critical Questions to Ask When Opportunity Knocks,” features 25 questions to help you evaluate job offers as you receive them. Sign up at the USBA Military Jobs Center so you can download this free white paper. Then you can print as many copies of the Job Offer Evaluation Form as you need.

The USBA library of job search white papers is just one of the free resources available to those leaving the military looking for civilian jobs. For additional help with your search, visit USBA’s job center partner — Orion International. Orion is the country’s largest military placement agency that has helped over 25,000 veterans like you find new civilian careers. Their resources and job placement services are 100% free of charge.

USBA is also here to help you find affordable life insurance to replace your SGLI. Remember, your SGLI ends 120 days after you separate from the military. You don’t want to have a gap in your family’s protection. Use our free Life Insurance Needs Estimator to get started.


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