You’ve earned your VA benefits—now use them

You’ve earned your VA benefits—now use them


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Are you taking full advantage of your VA health care benefits? Veterans and their families can visit the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website to learn more about their eligibility for health care benefits; the application process, specific types of health care benefits such as dental care and vision care; as well as spouse and dependents’ compensation eligibility. Find out how to apply online, in person, by phone or by mail.

The VA website provides a fast and easy way for veterans and their spouses, dependents, and survivors to learn about the VA benefits available to them. This includes health care, education and training, home loans, employment services, disability pay, insurance and more. It also has an extensive Outreach Materials section that covers all VA benefits and personal stories of veterans who have used their VA benefits.

Take a few minutes to use to Explore the VA website to get a personalized list of all the VA benefits for which you may be eligible based on your military service.

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