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Tips for military family travel (5)
How to avoid paying state income tax on your military retirement pay (2)
GI Bill® Comparison Tool makes college planning easier (2)
Purple Up! for U.S. military children (2)

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Purple Up! for U.S. military children (134)
Tips for military family travel (97)
How to avoid paying state income tax on your military retirement pay (44)
GI Bill® Comparison Tool makes college planning easier (11)

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Purple Up! for U.S. military children (0)
Tips for military family travel (0)
How to avoid paying state income tax on your military retirement pay (0)
GI Bill® Comparison Tool makes college planning easier (0)

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GI Bill® Comparison Tool makes college planning easier
How to avoid paying state income tax on your military retirement pay
Tips for military family travel
Purple Up! for U.S. military children

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Wednesday 5/25/16 (729 days ago)

Honoring the memory of our military veterans

Posted by nli under News at 1:06:16 PM
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Remembering our American Heroes this Memorial Day 2016Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day when our country pays tribute to the memory of veterans who have served and sacrificed while protecting our freedom. USBA salutes all American veterans on this special day and every day. You are the backbone of our country.

As part of its commitment to honoring the memory of each veteran and his or her family members, the VA provides memorial benefits many people don’t realize are available.

Veterans with a qualifying discharge are entitled to these VA burial benefits in one of the 134 VA national cemeteries or in a private cemetery of the family’s choice. Spouses and dependent children are also eligible for memorial benefits, even if they die before the veteran. Learn more here.

As a tribute to our USBA members and all who have served, we have created this special video postcard for Memorial Day 2016. Please feel free to share it with others.


Leave Comment (41)   


Posted Wednesday 1/3/18 (# 113)
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Posted Thursday 1/18/18 (# 148)
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Memorial day is one of my favorite days of the year. I just love to get together with my case study help mates and honor the brilliant military veterans. They deserve the honor for all that they do for us.

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