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$5,000 of NO-COST, no-strings attached AD&D Coverage

We’re delighted to offer you $5,000 of NO-COST, no-strings attached, Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage* — our way of saying “thanks” for all you’ve done for your country.

This offer comes with your free membership to USBA which entitles you to apply for any of our life insurance, TRICARE supplement or financial service products.

To accept this offer, you need only meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Be under the age of 60
  • Be an Active Duty serviceperson scheduled for honorable discharge within the next 18 months (be sure to give us your separation date on the enrollment form)
  • Not be a resident of Oregon or Texas

*Under this offer, coverage is provided at “no cost” for the first year to Eligible New Members of USBA. Premiums for this first year of coverage are paid by USBA.

Please review the plan details below and then click “Enroll Now” to complete your USBA Membership Enrollment Form.

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Review the USBA AD&D plan details:
Limitations & Exclusions
Effective Date of Coverage
Renewal Provisions
Individual Certificate

The full coverage amount – $5,000 – is payable for accidental loss of life, the loss of both hands or feet, the sight of both eyes, or any two of the preceding. Half the coverage amount – $2,500 – is payable for the loss of one hand or foot, or the sight of one eye.

The loss must be the direct result of a covered accident that occurs while coverage is in force and within 90 days of the accident. Loss of a hand or foot means severance at or above the wrist or ankle. Loss of sight, speech or hearing means its total and permanent loss. No more than $5,000 will be paid for all losses from any one accident.

Limitations and Exclusions
AD&D benefits are not provided for losses due to air travel, unless the insured is riding solely as a passenger. Other exclusions include losses due to war; insurrection; riot; terrorist activity; commission of a felony or assault; illegal use of drugs, hallucinogens, etc.; use of alcohol; sickness or disease or its medical or surgical treatment; intentionally self-inflicted injuries; or suicide. AD&D benefits may not be denied due to suicide if insane, unless it can be shown that the insured intended to commit suicide at the time coverage was requested.

Coverage is not available to residents of Oregon and Texas.

Effective Date of Coverage
Coverage for Eligible New Members will be effective on the date of USBA’s approval of your USBA Membership Enrollment Form.

Arkansas Residents
Pamela Oyler, an employee of USBA, is a licensed Arkansas Agent whose License Number is 347836.

California Residents
Pamela Oyler, an employee of USBA, is a licensed California Agent whose License Number is 0G58528.

Renewal Provisions
This coverage may be continued until June 1st following your 66th birthday provided you pay your premiums when due, your USBA Membership is continued and the Group Policy is not terminated or modified to end your coverage.

Individual Certificate
This coverage description outlines the principle provisions of the USBA Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Plan. Complete details are in Group Policy G-5393-0 (Policy Form GMR) issued to USBA by New York Life Insurance Company. Each insured Member will receive a Certificate of insurance which summarizes the policy provisions affecting their AD&D insurance coverage. After the initial year of no-cost AD&D coverage the premium for continuation is $3.00 per year.

AD&D Enroll Now

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