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30-Day Unconditional Promise:
Upon approval of your Application, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Insurance. If you are not completely satisfied with the provisions of your Certificate, you can return it within 30 days, without claim, for a prompt, full refund. Important Plan Information
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USBA Smart & Lean 15 Year Group Level Term

Life insurance is all about making things easier for your loved ones … helping protect them from major financial burdens … making sure their future doesn’t suffer. And USBA Smart & Lean 15 Year Group Level Term plan can provide you with a way to help assure your family’s financial security.

Your affordable monthly premium is dependent on your age, sex and smoking status or tobacco use when you start the plan. But your starting premium, although not guaranteed, is expected to remain level for a full 15 years!* And so will your coverage amount.

Since no two families’ needs are the same, flexibility is key. The USBA Smart & Lean 15 Plan offers you a full range of coverage … from as low as $25,000 to a maximum of $500,000. You decide the amount that best suits your family’s financial needs. You’ll be glad to know the USBA Smart & Lean 15 Plan is also available to your spouse and eligible children ages 18-22 as Associate Members.

*See Monthly Premium Rates for details.

Before you begin the application process, be sure to review the Smart & Lean 15 Plan Features, Options, FAQs and Rates.

You can complete your application online or print an application and complete it at your convenience. Plus, when you choose to apply online, we’ll ask you to decide if you want to:

  • Submit Electronically
  • Print and Mail
(After completing the application, you can print it, sign it and mail it to us with a check for the required premium amount. If we cannot issue a policy for any reason, we will refund the amount you paid in full.)


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Plan Details    

First 15 Years - The price you pay the first month is designed to remain level. Although rates are not guaranteed, they are expected to remain level for the first 15 years. It’s an affordable monthly price based on your age, sex and smoking status.

Second 15 Years - At the end of your first 15-year term (if you’re under age 65), you’re guaranteed the right to renew your coverage for an additional 15-year term, as long as premiums are paid and the group policy is still in force. That means no hassles … no medical questions to answer … and no need to re-qualify for coverage. Premiums increase at renewal. (Once you reach the first renewal period following age 65, renewal is on an annual basis.) See Renewal Terms & Premiums for further details.

Minimum/Maximum Coverage - As a Member or Associate Member, you may request Smart & Lean 15 coverage in amounts from $25,000 to $500,000 (in $1,000 increments). NOTE: The overall maximum coverage amount for each Member/Associate Member under all USBA-sponsored Group Life Plans is $750,000.

What’s Preferred Rating? - If you’re healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, you may qualify for our preferred rates at substantial savings over our standard rates. And it’s available in coverage amounts from $100,000 to $500,000!

Preferred rates are not available for individuals who use nicotine in any form, including nicotine patches or gum, who have high-risk hobbies like sky-diving or scuba-diving, or who are employed in certain high-risk occupations such as pilots and crew members.

Remember, even if you can’t qualify for preferred rates, you may still be eligible for our affordable standard rates. Either way, you can get quality life insurance coverage at a very affordable price!

30-Day Unconditional Promise - Once your application has been approved, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Coverage … and if you’re not completely satisfied with the provisions of your coverage, you can return it within 30 days, without claim, for a prompt and full refund. No questions asked!

$15,000 Emergency Death Payment - Your spouse beneficiary may qualify for an immediate emergency payment of up to $15,000 on telephone notification of your death. This benefit is very helpful and greatly appreciated at a very difficult time. Some restrictions may apply - contact USBA for details.

Living Benefit - An accelerated death benefit that can pay you an amount equal to 50% of your coverage force, while you’re living.

To qualify, you must have at least $50,000 coverage in force, be under age 84, (age 79 for N.Y. residents), and be diagnosed with a terminal condition which results in an expected life span of 12 months or less (24 months or less for Illinois residents). Diagnosis and evaluation of the limited life expectancy must be provided to New York Life.

The amount of insurance payable at death will be reduced by the Living Benefit paid and any premiums deferred as a result of payment of the Living Benefit. Please note that receipt of accelerated benefits may affect your eligibility for public assistance programs. You may wish to consult a financial advisor or attorney before applying for this benefit to determine how this may affect your personal situation.

No War Exclusion - Unlike many other life insurance plans, this plan will pay benefits for a combat-related death.

Area of Armed Conflict Limitation - (This limitation does not apply to: insured members who are on active military duty, including the National Guard & Reserve; death due to accident or illness; or to any coverage amount in force with USBA prior to 1/1/07.) If your death results from hostilities in an “Area of Armed Conflict,” the aggregate maximum benefit payable under all USBA Group Life Plans will be limited to $100,000. (Note: Please contact USBA for a listing of the geographic areas currently designated as an “Area of Armed Conflict.” See your Certificate of Insurance for further details.)

POW/MIA Protection - If the D.O.D. lists you as Missing In Action or as a Prisoner of War, USBA will pay 100% of your premium for your USBA group life insurance in effect at that time (and continue paying either until you’re no longer a POW/MIA or until your coverage would otherwise end).

Conversion Privilege - May allow you to convert your Smart & Lean 15 coverage to an individual New York Life policy regardless of health - see Certificate for details.

Beneficiary - You may choose anyone you wish as the beneficiary of your Smart & Lean 15 coverage and you may change your beneficiary at any time.

Coverage You Can Keep - USBA’s Smart & Lean 15 Plan may be continued after retirement or military separation. And there’s no increase in premium or decrease in coverage, just because you retire or separate. Veterans and Federal employees also qualify for USBA coverage. See Renewal Terms and Premium Rates section for details on termination and rate changes.

Individual Certificate - This section outlines the principal provisions of the USBA 15-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance Plan, (Smart & Lean 15 Plan). Complete details are in the Group Policies G-11008-0 and G-5393-0 (Policy Form GMR) issued to USBA by New York Life. Each insured Member/Associate Member will receive a certificate which summarizes policy provisions affecting his or her insurance.

Renewal Terms & Premium Rates - All coverage is provided under a group term life insurance policy. It provides level death benefits for 15 years. Coverage will continue until your 85th birthday (80th birthday for New York residents) provided you pay your premium when due and the Group Policy remains in force. Your Coverage will continue to be underwritten by New York Life provided USBA continues to exclusively endorse this program and pays the premium when due.

Premiums, although not guaranteed, are expected to remain level for your 15-year term. After each 15-year period, if you are under age 65 (under age 60 for N.Y. residents), you are guaranteed the option to renew for another 15-year term, regardless of your health. Premiums increase at renewal and are not guaranteed.

Once you reach the first renewal period following age 65 (following age 59 for New York residents), renewal is on an annual basis with premium increases each year.

The Company Behind the Plan - This plan is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company … one of the oldest and largest life insurance companies in America.

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