Revisit Your Insurance Needs on National Insurance

Revisit Your Insurance Needs on National Insurance Awareness Day


Revisit insurance needs

While the origins of National Insurance Awareness Day are a bit of a mystery, what’s not a mystery is why insurance matters – particularly life insurance. When you purchase insurance, you can help yourself and your loved ones avoid financial hardship in the event of damage, illness, accident or even death. 

Observed on June 28, National Insurance Awareness Day is the perfect time to take a close look at your insurance policies and determine whether any of your needs have changed. Because let’s face it, we never know what the future holds, and it’s important to be as prepared as possible.

Over the course of your life, your needs will change due to a wide range of factors. You’ll want to make sure you protect what matters to you most by keeping your insurance policies up to date. Here are some questions for you to consider each year:

  • Has my family size changed?
  • Have I made any significant purchases? Consider jewelry, art, vehicles (including the recreational kind), properties, and so on.
  • Has my income changed significantly due to promotion, retirement, or a total career change?
  • Have I added anything to, or significantly updated, my home?
  • Have I made any changes that mean I qualify for new discounts?

As your answers to these questions evolve, you may need to consider some insurance policy updates.

USBA Can Help

As you think through your insurance needs, also think about finding the right partner to help you get the coverage you need. USBA offers a wide range of insurance products to our Members. While insurance can’t protect you from everything, it can ease your financial burden if something happens.

Visit the USBA website to:

We’re ready to help you with your insurance needs, whether it’s National Insurance Awareness Day or any other day of the year. Simply contact one of our USBA Product Specialists at 877-297-9235.

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