Why spouses need life insurance too



You might not think it is necessary to insure your spouse especially if you live in a one income household … but think again.

Even if your spouse doesn’t work outside the home, you should consider the value of having life insurance protection on her or him. Here’s why.  If your spouse passes away, you may have to pay for child care or for additional assistance in your home.  And if your spouse does work outside the home, without his or her income you may not be able to cover the rent or mortgage, car payments, utilities, college education costs, and other bills. Life insurance helps fill this financial gap.  

That’s why it’s important to look at your entire financial picture when determining your family’s insurance needs.

USBA offers affordable group life insurance plans for both you and your spouse including our unique USBA Double Value TWO for ONE® Family Group Level Term Life plan.  This popular protection covers both of you with the same amount of coverage and pays on whoever dies first, so there’s only one premium to pay … not two.

You and your spouse can keep your USBA life insurance after you transition out of the service no matter how often you move or change jobs.  It’s portable and you own it. 

Learn more about affordable USBA life insurance for you and your spouse.

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