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USBA 2016 Memorial Day Parade


For nearly 70 years, Washington, D.C. was without a Memorial Day parade to honor our Armed Forces on this sacred day. In 2005, this changed. The...

Beware of phising scams targeting veterans


Veterans, be aware. Recently, there’s been a sharp increase in reports of email phishing scams that target veterans, especially those in the process of...

Remember to keep your life insurance beneficiaries current!


Whether your life insurance is provided by USBA, SGLI, VGLI or another insurer, it’s important to review your beneficiary periodically to make sure your...

USBA Service Member Gift Giving Ideas


You can support fellow military members and veterans by supporting these nonprofit organizations...

USBA life insurance 6 point checklist


Life is full of change. Anyone who has served in the military knows some changes are within your control and others aren’t. That’s why it’s good to....

USBA military personnel credit score check


Whether you’re active duty, retired or a transitioning veteran, there’s a 3-digit number that can have major impact on your finances. It’s your credit score...

Explore and Learn about all veterans benefits - USBA blog


Are you taking full advantage of your VA health care benefits? Veterans and their families can visit the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website to learn more about their eligibility for health...

Important DD 214 info for veterans USBA blog


In the past, military service departments, Veterans Affairs, and other organizations routinely advised veterans and separating service members to file their DD 214 (Report of Separation...

USBA Free Passes for Military to National Parks


Planning a summer trip to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone or one of America’s other national treasures? Make sure to get your free military pass. It normally costs $80...

Military buy a home with a VA loan


Your service to our country makes you eligible for a variety of valuable veterans’ benefits. For example, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs helps active service members, veterans...

Mother and child missing deployed - USBA blog


Sunday, October 26th marks the fourth annual observance of National Day of the Deployed. With recent international developments, it’s more important than ever that our deployed military service...

Who is eligible for USBA insurance plans?


YOU ARE if you’re an active duty or a retired member of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guards; in the reserves (including I.R.R. and National Guard); an…