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Today and the future


At USBA, we know that life presents risks. In 1959, our founding commitment was to meet the needs of active-duty military personnel who, at the time, had difficulty finding...

Fourth of July


In April 1775, skirmishes over taxation and British military presence escalated to armed conflict between British soldiers and American colonists. By the following summer...

Revisit insurance needs


While the origins of National Insurance Awareness Day are a bit of a mystery, what’s not a mystery is why insurance matters–particularly life insurance...

Portable Life Insurance


They say you can’t take it with you, but when you purchase life insurance from USBA, you definitely can take it with you. Whether you are transitioning out of the military, planning to retire...

Memorial Day


Each year in late May, we look forward to Memorial Day. To many Americans, it means a long weekend, celebrating the unofficial start of summer with pool parties, barbecues and race day...

Free Tickets for USBA Members


Whether you currently serve in the U.S. military or are a veteran, the Veteran Tickets Foundation, also known as Vet Tix, would like to thank you...

How USBA life insurance claims are paid


No one likes to think about the likelihood of having to make a claim on a life insurance policy. It’s a difficult time. USBA makes every effort to make the process simple to understand...

The Best of America


With warmer weather just around the corner, you may be thinking about summer vacation. Interested in seeing the grandeur...

New York Life Offers Confidence


When you buy life insurance, you don’t want to spend time thinking about the day when a claim might be necessary...

Transitioning to Agriculture


If you’ve always been drawn to the land and see farming as another way to serve your community and country, perhaps a career in agriculture...

Travel more for less


With the worst of the pandemic in our rearview mirror, you might find yourself ready to get out into the world again. Maybe you’ve begun daydreaming about spending some time on a beach...

Celebrating Women’s history month in the military


March is Women’s History Month, and nowhere has the impact of women been clearer than in the U.S. military. Let’s take a quick trip...