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How USBA life insurance claims are paid


When summer begins to draw to a close and our thoughts turn to the upcoming school year, we tend to experience a mix of emotions. On one hand, we hate to lose the easiness of...

Military vacation discounts


With summer upon us, it’s time to think about vacation. Did you know that as a member of the United States military, you are eligible for...

National Insurance Awareness Day


We typically don’t think an accident, illness or natural disaster will happen to us. But the truth is, we never know what’s coming...

Emergency assistance plus


Summer is here, and for many of us, that means vacation travel. When you’re away from home, do you know how you would handle a medical emergency such as heart attack...

Celebrating national armed forced day


May is Military Appreciation Month—a busy time of special military celebration, recognition, and remembrance. A key celebration that occurs on the third Saturday in May...

A day to celebrate military spouses


In America, we find a multitude of ways to show our appreciation for those who answer the call to serve the country via military service...

Transitioning military entrepreneurs


Discipline. Teamwork. Dedication. Focus. Performance under pressure. These are some of the most important traits needed for a...

Celebrating Gold Star Spouses Day


Gold Star Spouses Day, observed each year on April 5, is our opportunity to ensure we do not overlook the important role of service and support played by military spouses and family...

Celebrate National K9 Veterans Day


Sit. Stay. Heel. Find it. These are common dog commands, though unless your dog is a military working dog, or MWD, you might be less familiar with “find it.” For MWDs...

USBA Insurance Protection for your kids


When your kids are young and healthy, most likely the last thing on your mind is life insurance for them. But you should be aware that the younger your child, the lower the rate...

Farmers GroupSelect family


As you acquire a home, cars, and maybe a boat, RV or other things that are important to you, you want the peace of mind that comes with good protection...

USO Service Members


What do Steve Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Katy Perry have in common? These individuals, along with scores of others, have all given their time...